The department has active research programmes in Musculoskeletal and Chest Radiology, MR, Intervention and Breast Radiology, publishing between 15 and 20 papers per year. There is a programme of formal research methodology teaching which includes project management, governance and ethics processes, trial design, statistics, image manipulation, poster design and presentation skills.

Norwich Radiology trainees have presented original scientific papers nationally and internationally most notably at Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago and European Congress of Radiology (ECR) in Vienna. The number of peer-reviewed scientific publications, national and international scientific presentations by trainees, continues to increase and trainee input into teaching both locally and nationally continues to be of the highest quality.

An Imaging Research Laboratory opened in 2008 is situated at the main hospital site. This contains three dedicated networked workstations running Apple Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. Each workstation is loaded with imaging research software including open source, proprietary and in-house programmes.

The lab is a quiet space away from the clinical environment where trainees can process image data, run statistics programmes and prepare scientific papers, posters and presentations.

Research Degrees

A number of research degrees are available through the University of East Anglia. Supervised research degrees, in particular a medical degree (MD), are currently the most popular and can be scheduled as an Academic Focused Individual Training (FIT) or as an out of programme experience (OOPE). PhDs are also offered at Addenbrookes Hospital. Currently, two Norwich trainees are working on MDs and one is undertaking a PhD.


For trainees interested in teaching or a career as an educationalist, Norwich offers excellent opportunities for both practical experience and formal training. There is a full postgraduate teaching and training course for clinicians in the Eastern Deanery, which can lead to a Post-Graduate Certificate in Medical Education and then a Diploma or MA Med. The University of East Anglia offers an MA or MA by research in education, which can be integrated into the Radiology course.