The popular Norwich FRCR 2B course is now available online to enable delegates from around the country to benefit remotely from the high standards of training offered on our courses since their inception. Training is offered live over Zoom in conjunction with, with the course designed to mimic the FRCR 2B course as closely as possible, with candidates being presented links to cases to report in real time. To simulate the exam format, attendees will receive 15 minutes with two separate examiners, before gaining tailored feedback for a further 15 minutes after the session has ended.

We are proud to offer experienced examiners from both the Norwich Radiology Academy faculty and from Revise Radiology; many of whom are past and present examiners for the FRCR 2B exam. This is yet again with the intention of making the course as similar as possible to the exam itself.

Furthermore, the rapid reporting and long case packets have been specifically designed to reflect those candidates can expect to receive in their upcoming examinations.

Prior delegates at the Norwich FRCR 2B course stated they found multiple aspects of the course particularly helpful for their exam preparation, including the variety of viva cases, “excellent” long-cases and the level of structured, bespoke feedback for each individual attendee. Delegates have found the viva and long-case components of the course sufficiently challenging to help them succeed with their upcoming FRCR 2B examinations. We are keen to maintain these high standards as we convert to a remote format in conjunction with Revise Radiology to give future 2B revision course delegates the same positive experiences in the future.

For all enquiries, please feel free to follow the link to Revise Radiology

Imaging Academy, Cotman Centre, Colney Lane. NR4 7UB

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