About The Academy

About the Academy

The Radiology Academy in Norwich (formerly the Norwich Radiology Academy) was established in 2005. We are proud of the high standard of teaching and learning which our programme offers. Exam pass rates at the Academy are high and in the past few years, we have had a gold-medal winner in the FRCR 2B exam and a winner of the Frank Doyle medal for the FRCR 2A exam.

The aim of the Radiology Academies Project was to deliver training in dedicated, well-resourced training facilities that would enable the UK to train the increasing number of consultant radiologists it needs to meet the burgeoning demands for imaging in the 21st Century. The Academies Project is now a well-established success story and is viewed as a model for Radiology training nationally.

The recent document on the future of Radiology Training in the UK, ‘Radiology Training 2016-2026: a vision and a solution’, published by The Royal College of Radiologists and largely illustrated by photographs from the Imaging Academy, calls for the establishment of ‘Academies in all parts of the UK to raise the game significantly in Radiology training’.

Our Up & Coming Events

  • Image Guided Intervention for Beginners – 4th July 2024

    4 July 2024
  • Advanced Endovascular Workshop – 5th July 2024

    5 July 2024